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Do you have an interesting story to tell? Publications are like writing a book. Without publishing it, how could it ever sale?


Press coverage will greatly improve your discoverability. When you Google your name does information come up? After searching your name on Google click the news tab. By filling up this section your social media pages will become eligible for Instagram verification. Associating your name with major news outlets proves your notability. Notability is the #1 reason accounts are denied a verification badge.


We can publish to many blogs including Forbes, The Source, America Daily, dozens of music blogs certain to excite your current fans about upcoming success, encourage others to work with you, and place your work in front of large new audiences. All which increases your brand's value most paramount.





Are you tired of graphic designers and video editors promising projects and never completing them timely?


We will create viral cover arts, logos, animated music videos/skits, gifs, and more to promote your brand and keep your fanbase engaged. Work is always delivered within the set delivery timeframe so your releases can always come out on time. 


Fill out straight forward and detailed form to describe how you want your project to come out, and Creative Director HBK Zachery will make sure your project looks exactly how you wanted. Our gigs include different price packages so you are not overcharged for simple tasks and include several or unlimited revisions to ensure customer satisfaction. Let's produce consistent content to grow your brand!

Did you know Display Entertainment has it's own website building software? An easy to use drag & drop software that is simple to use like Wix, Square Space, or Weebly... but allows designers to make custom and unique websites much easier without coding. 24/7 customer support is here to help you establish your business online. 


For those who don't want to build their website themselves... Our team of designers are here to do it for you. Once the website is complete you can make minor updates and improvements yourself or continue to have us manage and update your site as it grows.


All professional businesses need a website. Create yours with Display offering great E-commerce platforms, SEO tools, dozens of integrated apps, and more!

Many artist's music videos lack organization and scheduling which leads to a minimal amount of set production. We are here to make a detailed game plan for your video or photo shoot by handling location scouting, videography, casting, and set production.


Describe your video concept and we will create a treatment which lays out what locations, actors/actresses, prop items, and extras are needed to create a video that matches your vision. We then proceed to create work agreements and marketing material for the video shoot to ensure that a production team, the cast, and set is ready to go on schedule providing everyone involved a high level of proffessionalism plus early promotion. Creative Director HBK Zachery will overlook the process to ensure everything goes smoothly.


A video shoot is a big deal! Don't try to put it together on the fly. Let's make a plan.

We offer several ways to grow your following including page management, creating and maintaining fan or music pages, creating posts, running targeted ads, engaging with followers, and more. Don't neglect any platforms when growing your online presence. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Giphy, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. all have unique strengths and new markets. Don't use up your time trying to run all platforms and let us work in the background and grow your following.


Our media boosts are quick ways to drive large amounts of impressions, and push posts on to the explore pages. Inflate web traffic to improve Search Rankings on blog articles or posts. All while boosting followers to increase follow back ratios, and work demand. Boost your Instagram, Youtube, or Spotify or send web traffic to blog posts using Google Keywords to land on the first page on Search Engines.

Did you know an EPK in our Artist/Production/Model/Business Directory is included with most service purchases?


Our goal is to create a network marketing platform that connects artists, producers, and others with one another to increase all our clients business. Need studio time, song mixing/mastering, etc... Then view the production directory and we will recommend and put you in touch with talents to help bring your vision to fruition.


Can't find what you're looking for in the directory? Contact us and we will do research and reach out to others on your behalf to find the best options and quotes to get what you're looking for scheduled.


Not in our directory? Add yourself and join our community of artists.



The best way to organically grow a following and increase sales. Google gathers data from every search made through their search engine and knows more than you think about people, utilize this! When you make a search you will see at the top of the page an ads section with items related to your search history. Let us choose clever key phrases that will place your work in front of specific target markets certain to convert to followers & sales.


Google Ads are Pay per Click meaning you are not charged for advertising until a web browser engages with your ad making this an effective form of marketing.


YouTube Ads work similiarly by placing your video before a video with related content. Your ad cannot be skipped for 5 to 30 seconds. Someone who searched a mainstream artist's video whose style is similiar to yours will have to listen to your video. This increases views and if it's fire they will likely become a fan.


We are here to help you set up an ads account and integrate platforms. As well as manage and recommend keywords to make them as effective as possible. Google Ads also go great with press releases for major increases in your online presence.






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