Liability Waver / Assumption of Risk


By purchasing a ticket and/or attending the Utah Halloween Party you understand that participation at this event could include actions or events that could be dangerous. By purchasing or voluntarily attending the Utah Halloween Party you assume any risk of harm which might occur as a participant in the event. You release the organization Display Entertainment, LLC and event venue from all liability, costs, and damages which may arise in the participation of the above named event. 


No minors under the age of 18 are permitted to attend the event. The underage consumption of alcohol is not permitted at the event. Drinks are not allowed to leave the designated section.


No weapons, no exception. 


Noise outside the venue must be kept to a minimal talking voice. Masks must be worn in the parking lot.


CDC Guidelines and state/county regulations will be enforced regarding the covid-19 pandemic. The number of attendees, social distancing, and contact tracing will be strictly enforced. Those with symptoms or known exposure are not permitted to attend this event. All precautions regarding hygiene and hand-washing will be enforced in a responsible and safe manner. Face coverings are highly required. Display Entertainment, venue, and all partners in the Utah Halloween Party are in no way responsible for contractions of COVID-19 or illness associated with attending this event.


Display Entertainment holds the right to remove any attendee from the venue for any



This event is subject to change.