Get Familiar with Upcoming R&B/Pop Artist Dan Sweezy

23 year old Dan Sweezy aspires to be the first official Pop/R&B artist straight out of Flatbush, Brooklyn. With an unignorable amount of talent, he describes his sound as new and fun with a splash of old school pop. When listening to his music you feel at ease and peace even with all the new world drama going on.


He lists his song “California” as his personal favorite. Dan Sweezy stated “Not only did it prove that i was evolving in my craft but it was written at a time where i felt the most weak and lost, i was fighting a lot of inner demons and sadness that i didn't want anyone to know about because I didn't want to put that burden on anyone else. To be honest you wouldn't have known that hearing the track and honestly that was the point, i wanted so bad to not feel the way that i was feeling that i created a version of myself in the song where i felt that everything was okay. My hope was that anyone who heard the song would feel okay too, because it's not easy to go through things that nobody else can see or understand.” His music truly helps people get through difficult times.


One of his best collaborations is with DJ Soda from Seoul, South Korea. Last year they made a song called Butterfly which is currently on all streaming platforms. Super producer 1st Klase the Trapikal Gawd made the collaboration happen at Platinum Studios in New York a few years ago. The song is generally about how valuable the power of friendships is when you are faced with depression and sadness, and that no matter how far you fall… you can always count on your closest friends to pick you back up.


What genre can people expect to hear? You can expect to hear a lot of Pop, R&B, and a bit Rock with a twist that captures something new and fun for people to enjoy. Music that is often lost in the new generation.

Stay on the lookout for his upcoming project - Sum Funky Shit (Part 1)



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Get Familiar with Upcoming R&B/Pop Artist Dan Sweezy

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